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Benoit Koutny

Business StrategyLayout DevelopmentFlows StudyEquipment Development

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Store analyseSales and work methodResult managementInnovative RecipesOn site operationMeat and PoultryProduct transformationFruits and vegetablesRestaurantCheese



Since 1954, PKHA works alongside supermarkets, hypermarkets, grocery shops, restaurants and other food-related industries to enhance their efficiency in the management of fresh products and increase the clientele.

Our strength lies in our longevity: with more than 60 years of experience in the restaurant and food business, the experts of PKHA have cooperated with teams in more than 30 countries which reflect our resilience and efficacy.

Through our expertise, we always take into account the challenges of our time. Moreover, customers have become more demanding and conscious: they care about their health, the environment and working conditions where their food is produced. These requirements have also always had a key place in our strategy.

Since 1954, we have a visionary and global approach, taking into account the identity, specific needs and finally, the strengths of your company and make them grow.

Creation of the company by PAUL K. HALSTEAD
First supermarket in Europe: Delhaize
First fast-food Quick in Belgium
Full self-standing bakery in a store
Free flow restaurant
100% Home made front prepared food in Store
100% Bio bakery
Market Layout supermarket
Management by-out
Food court organisation
Free flow restaurant new generation
Proximity convenience Store
Social, sustainable supermarket drived by direct buying
Shop in Shop franchising
Vertical butchery